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Fertilizing Program

Just how good will your lawn be this year?

A lot depends on what you do NOW to get started!

DeMars Landscaping knows how important an early feeding is. Every lawn needs this. Fertilizing is the single most important thing you can do for your lawn in early spring. This is the time when the grass comes out of winter dormancy ready to green up. But how green it becomes … how long will the greenness lasts… and how dense will your lawn be… depends entirely upon the nutrients that it receives. That’s where a good fertilizer becomes important! 

At DeMars landscaping we use only the best!

Out fertilizer program will help prevent crabgrass, and will fill in your think areas and bare spots. Our program is built on the best proven ways to assure lawn success.

Phase I 


Our program begins in early spring with a good thorough cleaning of the winters debris and an early mow, this will let more sunlight reach the crowns of the grass plants, to start early green-up.

Phase II

We give your lawn a feeding supplement to stimulate green-up and encourage thickening of the lawn. This phase will also prevent crabgrass.

Phase III

Is our second feeding following 8 weeks from the first feeding. This phase destroys over 5- different weeds.

Phase IV

Provides protection from damaging insects, such as webworms, bugs and grubs, and gives your lawn special nutrients designed to maintain color, without causing surge growth during the heat of summer.

Phase V

Is a program designed to stimulate root growth and help the grass repair itself from rigors of summer and to prepare for its dormancy  winter.

Phase VI

This rounds out the year’s program where it all began. This phase provides a thorough cleaning of the fallen leaves and twigs of fall. Every lawn needs this to start things off; the lawn will be raked or swept to pick up tree leaves, sticks and other debris that has collected. Matted leaves, if left over the winter, will smother the recovering grass plants, creating bare spots in the lawn next season.


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